mergTestApp is a plugin for LiveCode that saves you time when testing your mobile apps. 


One click build and deploy direct to the device using FruitStrap. No more opening the folder after the build and dragging the app to Xcode Organizer.


One click build and upload to TestFlight including the option to have TestFlight notify your testers. It doesn't get simpler than this for testing on physical iOS devices. mergTestApp saves your TestFlight team token and the last entered values for notes, distribution lists and user notification as a custom property set in your app stack so you only need to enter them once for each project.

Simulator Testing

For testing on simulated devices (iOS and Android) and connected Android devices you can use the Test button to start testing and logging. In this example below we created a simple stack with one button with the script:

on touchEnd
  put "hello world!"
end touchEnd

Then we started an Android emulator and iOS simulator to show side by side logging.